My photography started in earnest when I bought my first SLR – an Olympus OM1. I am now fortunate to be able to still attend airshows as well as spending time traveling to other locations – especially now the French Alps. This has triggered a true love of high mountain photography. 

My goal is to bring a perspective that is not the usual way my subjects are viewed. Bringing a mountain into close-up, showing a huge panorama, the interplay of shadow and light across familiar shapes. Bringing something of the world into daily life, in part as a journey in the imagination but also in a way that makes us think differently about our world.

Cold And Harsh Simon Fitall from $50
Golden Valley Simon Fitall from $50
Yosemite In Winter Simon Fitall from $50
Yosemite Simon Fitall from $50

Winter Valley Simon Fitall from $50
Peaks And Valleys Simon Fitall from $50
Pilot Simon Fitall from $50

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