Mike Fennell A&H Profile

Mike Fennell is a Professional Travel & Nature Photographer currently based in Aspen, Colorado. After graduating university, Mike backpacked his way around the world for years as he progressively developed a thirsty passion for exploring natures most beautiful and unfamiliar scenery. Almost a decade after picking up his camera to travel, he has now made photography a means of living by sharing his art with the world in his uniquely colorful and dreamy image aesthetic.

My images are ultimately the story I have to tell about my relationship with the wild

Buckskin Gulch Mike Fennell from $50
Twin Lakes Sunrise Mike Fennell from $50
Silver Lake Sunrise Mike Fennell from $50

Sand Dunes Sunrise Mike Fennell from $50

Gorak Shep Sunrise Mike Fennell from $50
Gasadular Mike Fennell from $50
Chokung Valley Mike Fennell from $50

Ama Dablam Flags Mike Fennell from $50
Faroe Funnigar Road Mike Fennell from $50

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