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December 13, 2018

Black and White Series - Sentimentality

Sentimentality is an interesting thing.

It's a feeling you can't really predict, an emotion that seems to creep up on you time and time again. It is impossible to tell which objects will spark something deep within you later on. It's usually the ordinary things that do, too. A leash that you held on chilly mornings as you walked your pup. A coffee mug, who's fill-up signified a break in the workday. A plastic figurine that, for an almost unknown reason, you can't seem to not pack in your duffle bag every time you travel. It seems almost random which ordinary objects turn into extraordinary memories. 

There are some necessary ingredients to an object becoming sentimental, though. The first is that it has to be a vehicle for an occurrence bigger than itself. The leash brings you closer to your memories of your dog. The coffee cup triggers an emotion of relief. The figurine reminds you of a happy time with a younger sibling. 
The second ingredient is time. It's rare that something becomes sentimental the first moment you receive it. It more often takes time. Like that dirty baseball cap you bought a decade ago - it took a few years, a dozen road trips, and a couple washes to make it a sentimental piece. 

The third ingredient is quality. It's the least necessary, but for something to stand the test of time, it needs to be crafted with care. This is the big reason, in our opinion, that society is generally heading towards a "have few, but better" mentality. Meaning, own a few things, but make sure the things you own are high quality. Make sure they last the test of time and become sentimental. Imagine if your life was full of only things you cared deeply about. Things that have stories, connections to important memories. Things that matter. 

This is why we recently released our first limited edition collection. We want to ensure that those who purchase these pieces truly connect with the art, know the story behind the image, and develop their own sentimentality towards these unique prints. Our goal is that one day, after many years and several moves, our print is still hanging on your wall and you look at it with an appreciation greater than on the day it was delivered. 

The first collection we're introducing is themed Black & White. Composed of beautiful, monochrome works of subtle art, each image in this collection has a story. Learn more about these pieces through the lens of our photographers, connect with the stories behind the images, and choose a piece to stand the test of time with you or your loved ones.

Finding stillness in a crowd full of people is one the challenges when exploring a popular area. Lake Louise in Banff, Calgary is one of those areas that's absolutely beautiful, but also bustling with people. Walking along the lake shore and seeing the turquoise water as still as can be is one of these moments that you can appreciate, a quick second in time where it's just you and Mother Nature.

After a week of driving counter-clockwise along the Ring Road in Iceland, we stopped by this famous church, Búðakirkja on the Western coast of Iceland on our second to the last day. It was serene moment where we were surrounded by not one human soul, just us and the church. The calmness of this area contrasted the days before where were continuously bombarded with the roars of Iceland's grandiose waterfalls and howling winds along the fronds of the Eastfjords. It's moments like these that make you appreciate what the world has to offer. 

Life takes us where the current moves us. This day on one of the most popular beaches on the Oregon Coast I found myself following the tide along the rocky outcroppings. I came across this secluded inlet and waited for the sun to set, no one but myself soaking in the view.

In the coldest place on earth the sun doesn’t always shine. When it does though, and the clouds have lifted, mountains entirely incased in ice reveal themselves. It is only then you realize how small you and how far away from the rest of the world you are.

The sun doesn’t shine often here. The brutal winds constantly shift the clouds in and out of each mountain valley occasionally revealing something more. When the two intertwine and the sun comes out and the clouds part you see parts of the mystery, rarely ever knowing what truly lies behind that curtain.

In dense rainforests the foliage that covers the ground has to shift and twist its way into the light as it tears through the ceiling of trees above it. When it finds the light it stays and rests until has to move again.

Tokyo is a city unlike any other. Life is integrated in so many unique ways, always in harmony with one another. In between the lines of concrete you can find growth bursting forward trying to make an impression on its constructed surroundings.

I passed through the castles wooden door into the remnants of a Great Hall. 
I felt connected to my roots, as I gazed where my ancestors once laughed, danced, fought and loved. 

The ruins overlooked Tintagel's demonic cliffs below, that protected King Arthur and Cornish rulers as they traded with far off shores.

It's crazy to think that they once quietly listened to the same crashing of waves that surrounded me.
Perhaps, I would have made a great knight: my camera replaced by sword and shield, sailing into the depth of the ocean to far away lands. 

Perhaps, in a previous life... but for now, I'll travel by plane and battle the monotonous mediocrity of life with the souls and stories I have the honor of capturing through my camera. I was born to wander. 

For me, one of my favorite things about photography is how many incredible places it has taken me over the years.

Right as I was getting into photography I spent a lot of time hiking and exploring Rocky Mountain National Park with some of my dearest friends. I, like so many people had never seen anything so beautiful. I absolutely feel in love with all the awe inspiring landscapes and photo opportunities it provided.

I captured this photo at Bear Lake in the Fall of 2015. It was on a weekday right before sunset when the majority of the visitors had left and it felt as if we had the whole park to ourselves. The sun began to set and was lighting up Long's Peak and the clouds above it in away that left me speechless. I couldn't help but feel a overwhelming sense of gratitude to live in such a beautiful state like Colorado.

David Iwane  

This photo will forever hold a special place in my heart. I've been obsessed with bears for as long as I can remember, and polar bears have always been a particular favorite. While I've been fortunate enough to photograph brown and black bears in the wild several times, polar bears don't live in places that are commonly accessible. There's no such thing as going on a roadtrip to Yosemite and seeing a polar bear, or stumbling across one in Montana. They require serious dedication and effort to find, and after some serious work I finally lucked out and arrived in Churchill. The first time I saw a polar bear walking across the sea ice nearly reduced me to tears, and the emotions of that moment will live on every time I look at this photo.

- Nate Luebbe  

One of the first "good" photos I took on my quest to become a photographer. Those days were comprised of going on a hike and taking a thousand different photos - if luck would strike I would come home with a small handful of keepers. This hike was the first day I felt like I genuinely began to feel an artistic vision and execute photos on purpose. When this big bull elk walked over to me and plopped down on the horizon it felt like a small sign from the universe that my life was about to take a sharp turn down a new path. I still consider this photo to be mostly luck, but to me it represents the day when a very amateur photographer using an amateur camera captured a somewhat professional photo, and it will always be one of my favorites.

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